Kitchen Cabinet: The Popular And Trending Styles To Look For

Kitchen cabinets have changed a lot with time. The colours, styles and designs used now are very different from what was used decades ago. This is because today, kitchens are no longer separate rooms in a home which are accessed only for food preparation.


Most of the modern kitchen rooms are open giving the guests to get a complete view from the living room. The kitchen cabinets can help you make the room look more organized and spacious. The style is a very important consideration when selecting cabinets.

Some of the popular kitchen cabinet styles include the following:

  1. The White and Simple Cabinets

Many people in Australia go for dark shades when it comes to cabinets but there is a thing about having white or white cabinet doors. The white colour creates a clean and elegant appearance. It can even give your small kitchen room the illusion of a much larger room.


  1. Glass Cabinet Doors

This is a popular trend in cabinetry, where the designer uses glass for the front doors. This will give you a perfect space to display your collectibles, antiques and other beautiful glassware. They create a fresh and light look.

Kitchen-Cabinet-Glass-Cabinet Doors

  1. The Floor-to-Ceiling Kitchen Cabinet, Sydney

If you still need additional storage space, then you should install the floor to ceiling cabinets which will make use of all the available space. You will get a place to store most of the items in your kitchen. These items may include the dishes you use every day, appliances and even kitchen linen.


  1. Mismatched Cabinets

This refers to choosing cabinets that have a colour mix different from the rest of your kitchen. It is a popular trend today. The cabinets can have a colour and wood that is different from the countertops. This creates a unique design that will be standing out for the right reasons. For example you can mix white cabinets with a black kitchen island to add a little dimension into the space.


Other notable styles may include:

  • A combined set of open shelves, cabinets and drawers- The mixture of all the 3 pieces will give your kitchen a different and very appealing look.
  • The cabinets with very colourful accents– Some of the accents used to beautify the cabinets include painting using bright colours on the inside or better still, placing a bold wall paper. In a small kitchen these cabinets with a bold colour will bring out a unique, elegant and defined look. The lighting of the cabinets will also add to the style where a variety of light colours is used.
  • The Cabinet add-ons- These may include mouldings and carvings used to decorate the cabinets and coming up with a very interesting style. The simple finishing touches are gone and today, homeowners want to explore into things that are more creative and appear natural. Cabinets have been adorned with beautiful decorative elements to give them that very fascinating look that will be attracting many and add value to your kitchen.

Ultimately, your choice of a kitchen cabinet will be defined by your budget, the available space in your kitchen and your personal style. Remember, the kitchen of today gives you the chance of making your individual design statement!